Rules update (4-15-10)

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Rules update (4-15-10)

Post  BDK MODDERz on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:15 pm

1.NO profanity. By this, we mean that there is to be no bypassing of the censored words of the forum and that every other word that is considered profane is prohibited.

2. No personal attacks on other members of the forum.

3. There is to be no embedding of violent or pornographic pictures or videos.

4. Racial slurs are prohibited.

5. Piracy links are to be kept to private messages.

6. Debating is encouraged, however flaming is not allowed.


The rules mentioned below apply to the Forum and its posts.

1. Posts need to stay on topic or the thread will be locked.

2. There are to be NO alternate accounts. One account per person. This can and will be monitored.


The rules below apply to the Shoutbox.

1. The Shoutbox cannot have censors, so any vulgar or profane words that are not ****’d out will result in a warning. If the actions continue, it will result in a 48-hour ban from the Shoutbox.

All rules listed above that are broken will result in restrictions, and if the actions then continue the administration reserves the right to ban the individual or group of people that are breaking the rules.

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